NWA....is.... NASTY
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This website is a short tour of the flight kitchen for NWA in Minneapolis. The building is owned by NWA and leased to LSG catering, a subcontractor, here and in Detroit for Northwest. NWA owns this pathetic building and pays at least 2 of it's own full time managers to work here, SO THEY DO KNOW ABOUT IT!

Jokes about airline food will seem tame after this trip. Many of you will want to dismiss these pictures as fakes, etc. We don't blame you. The sad thing is, Hundreds of us can verify these pictures and others, as could any technician.

This is an example of the arrogance you experiance as an employee or customer of NWA.

Remember, the Directors at NWA know about this filthy health hazard, I wonder if they tell their Wives and Children before they eat on the plane?

Let us start by going in the back door at NWA's Minneapolis Catering Facility.

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All photos on this site were taken within a 72 hour period. There was no need to make this a long term project. This site resulted after numerous attempts from Union and Management employees failed with upper management and local health agencies.
In all fairness, local health agencies have no jurisdiction here.

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